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Gyler Mydyti & Elian Stefa

Gyler Mydyti was born in 1984 in Prizren, Kosova, and Elian Stefa in 1985 in Vlora, Albania. Due to various reasons they have had the opportunity to live in and come in contact with multiple cultures such as: Gyler in Prishtine-Kosova, Istanbul-Turkey, Tirana-Albania, Milan-Italy, Boras-Sweden, and Elian in Toronto-Canada, Athens-Greece, Milan-Italy, Tirana-Albania. This has given them the chance to compare and combine cultural elements in their creative output.

Gyler graduated in Architecture at the Istanbul Technical University in 2007 and was awarded the Best Foreign Student title of the university.
After having graduated and being a witness of the fact that urban and landscape studies have become essential tools for better understanding and solving problems caused by social, economical and territorial transformations, she decided to apply for the “Landscape Architecture Master Program” of Politecnico di Milano, for which she was granted a merit based scholarship.
Among the professional experiences she has had in different countries, she has worked as the assistant of the architect/artist Fuat Sahinler in Istanbul, as a researcher for the “il metrobosco” research project of multiplicity.lab coordinated by Stefano Boeri and is now collaborating with basement 15 architetti office in Milan.

Inspired by a family history in design and engineering, Elian enrolled at the Politecnico di Milano for Architectural Sciences where he graduated in 2007. Having a strong interest in public spaces and sustainable development, he continued his academic career at the Politecnico by entering the “Landscape Architecture Master Program” where he was granted a merit based scholarship.
His professional experiences include collaborating with multiplicity.lab, Traldi Atelier, and Andreas Kipar in Milano, Italy, and PS96 Office in Vlora, Albania.
Elian also has a history and passion for Graphic Arts and Design, collaborating with various companies as a freelancer alongside his architectural experiences.

During the Master courses they have both had the possibility to attend courses directed by noted Milan based professors and architects such as Stefano Boeri and Cino Zucchi.
They have coproduced the “Concrete Mushrooms” project as a Master Thesis which was supervised by Stefano Boeri and Isabella Inti, and were graduated on 22nd of December 2009.

Currently, they are negotiating for the realization (if possible) of the first Concrete Mushrooms pilot project.

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